Thursday, July 31, 2008

Happy Anniversary!

We would like to wish my sister Tracy and her Husband Jason a very Happy Anniversary!!! We love you and hope for many happy years to come!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008


The last few days around the Klumpe house have been pretty uneventful - just trying to catch up after being gone. While Gary and I were busy the kids were busy too, they wanted to show off their Lego creation and I was more than happy to snap a shot!

Monday, July 28, 2008

3 Tires Later!

Well 5 tanks of fuel and 3 tires later we are back home in Palisade. We had a great time at Kaczor camping and were glad to get to see everyone. Throughout the weekend we had 61 family, and friends through the sites! We left Palisade Wednesady afternoon and made it up to Grandma and Grandpa Boettchers a little after 11 pm we spent the night there and in the morning we packed up Grandmas things and ate lunch with them and then headed to the lake we played and swam and ate and played and swam and ate, it was alot of fun! The kids were sad to leave!
Paige and Karson getting dad with the squirt guns!
Paige and Karson "giving the baby a drink" they thought this was so funny!

These are the great grand kids - we missed Trevor - he was camping he just wasnt there the last norning for breakfast so we missed him in the picture!
This is one of the 3 flat tires we had!
Kolt, Jenny and Paige on the alligator!
This is a funny story - while sitting around a snake crawled up into one of my cousins pickups - took about half and hour to an hour for it to come out but they got it killed! YUCK
Aunt Steph and Paige!
Baby Avya or is it Ava - Sorry I cannot remember how to spell it!
Baby Hope and Grandma Coke

Karson learned how to catch a bubble - he was so proud!
Soe of the Guys playing a game!
Here are Paige, Jenny and Karson all camped out in the camper!!! - Jenny, Megan and Justin got to camp with us at the lake and we were so happy to have them - Megan and Justin had their tent but Jenny got to sleep inside with us....the kids were so excited they wanted to sleep right next to her so Daddy folded down the couch and the table so they could all sleep side by side! Thanks Dad!
Paige, Jenny and Karson making a cake!
Some more pictures at the water!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kaczor Camping!!!

Well it has come the time of year that we pack up and head to South Dakota for the weekend to attend the annual Kaczor Camping (my moms side of the family) it has become a very fun and anticipated part of our year! I was looking back through my pictures and found some from probably 3-4 years ago at Kaczor Camping......and thought I would share!

Monday, July 21, 2008

Justin's Rodeo!

Our good friend Justin (Paige says she is going to marry him someday!!) was riding bull in the Stockville Rodeo last night so after we took the campers home and unloaded we packed back up and headed to the rodeo! The pictures are really dark, he didn't make the full 8 seconds and he got a cut fat lip out of the deal, but everyone enjoyed watching him ride. We wish him better luck in McCook next weekend!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Carnival, Camping & Kids!

Here are some pictures from our Super Fun weekend camping. Randy, Penny & Chance along with Russ, Karla, and the Grandgirls as well as the Klumpe Klan spent the weekend out! We camped at Cambridge lake and then took in the festivites at Stockville on Saturday night. We swam and plyed and rode rides and the guys even fit in a round of golf! What a fun weekend~ Also a big thanks to uncle Derek for not letting us run out of carnival tickets! We love ya!

Just a funny side note on this picture: Nanna Karla got all the kids laid down on the ground for this cute picture but little did she know she liad Karson and Chance down in DOG POOP!!! EWWW!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


They are in pre-fair back home and here are some results from our neice and nephew!

Justin got a -

purple in tractor test. no rosettes given.
champion in horticulture
champion in consumer science
champion in on-line test web test

Megan got a -

purple in piano solo - "You Light Up My Life"
champion in horticulture
blue in consumer science
reserve in on-line web test

Pretty Princesses!

Last night the McKinney kids came to play for a little bit - the girlies were dresses up as "belle" and "sleeping beauty" and were very pretty! The kids all had fun playing and we even got to try the first corn on the cob for the season! We hope they come back and play again sometime!

Monday, July 14, 2008


Thought I would throw in some pictures of the McCorkles new puppy we went to visit last night! What a cutie!

Weekend Happenings!

This weekend we worked around home - Gary was on call so he mowed and we washed the vehicles and vacuumed them all out. Penny and Chance came down on Sunday and took us out for lunch for my B-Day and then we all went to the pool! We did some more cleaning around the house then took a walk down to the McCorkles to see their new puppy!

Oh and lets not forget about Gary's deer! - We finally got it back from the taxidermist and got it hung up - the kids were very scared at first but are getting used to it. Karson asked Gary if his name was John - Gary siad how did you come up with that name he said "well isn't that John Deere"! Bless his heart Gary and I laughed for ten minutes~! The unofficial score on it was a 159!