Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sept - Oct

BUSY has been the theme of this Fall... Paige finished up her MotoX for the season she ended up 3rd of 6 in her age group and 3rd out of 7 in the Open Class... She was the only girl on our circut for those classes so we are super proud of her for doing so well
Paige learning to Jump!!
 Paige and Chance with their trophies at Alma
 Paige Jumping the finish at Alma
 Paige and her BFF Peytie
 Paige and Sawyer Holding Down their Punkins!
 Karson and Kaden were hauling pumpkins to the car from the Wrights Pumpkin Patch
 Kaden picking pokies out of his hand
 Kaden at Sawyers 4th Birthday party.. cleaning up the cake! (and having coffee with Joe!)
 Karson sporting his new glasses for school!
 Our "princess" Karson... no its not lipstick its Kool-Aid!
 Nice Pumpkin
 Couldnt remember if I posted a picture of Kado's new bed!