Monday, September 29, 2008


Well this will be an update with no pictures, I took my camera but took no pictures. On Monday I got the news that my Uncle Don (my dads brother) had had passed away, and the funeral was on Thursday morning. The kids and I packed up and headed to Spencer on Wednesday around noon. It was a great time with family and friends we remembered, laughed and of course played cards! Things did not slow down on Friday or Saturday, My sister and brother in law sell seed corn and do custom spraying, and were having their appreciation supper on Saturday night. We kept ourselves busy making salads and desserts and all of the kids had fun playing together. Saturday we did have one accident, Paige was spinning Karson in moms office chair and the chair fell over and Karson cracked his head open a little, after all of the blood and tears were cleaned up I think we will survive! Anyway we are all home now and all is well, I will get some new pictures posted soon.

Monday, September 22, 2008


Well its been a week since I have posted, just not alot going on these days, I do have a few pictures from Friday night when Brian brought us some gravel for our drive. We are so excited to have gravel!!!! We don't have concrete on our drive, or even in our garage so every time it rains we have tons of mud, so we are sooooo very happy Brian brought us in a load of gravel! We love you man!
This is Paige after playin on the pile of gravel!
She was filthy, but had a great time!

She even had Brian down playing with the dump truck for a while! It was pretty cute!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Puddle Jumpin'

The kids found a big ole mud puddle this weekend and decided to go "puddle jumpin'" ........I wasn't thrilled at first but it wasn't actually to cold so why not! They all had a blast!

Friday, September 12, 2008


Not alot going on in the Klumpe house this week - Karson and Paige both had a little bit of a fever earlier this week but are both fine now. I snaped a few pictures last night when the kids were playing on dad.
Here is Karson madder than mad that sister had HIS HAT!!!
Got our hat back and we are all better now!
What a cutie pie!
Here are the kids running and jumping!
This one is blury (as you can see) but Daddy was showing Karson he could do push-ups with him on his back!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Lightened Image!

Here are a couple images that I lightened on Photoshop, again you should be able to double click on it to make it larger or right click on it to copy or save it!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Wedding Weekend Part I

What a fun weekend. We took off friday after work and met up with my family (Parents and sister and brothers families) we ordered in Pizza and had cake for mom's 60th Birthday. The kids got to swim swim swim. Then Saturday we went to my cousin Lindsey and Scotts wedding - it was a ton of un the entire Kaczor family was there and it was fun to get to see everyone!

Grandma and Grandpa Kaczor
Daddy and Paige
Paige dancing with Lindsey

Jenny and Paige swimming!

Trevor jumping off the edge!

Scott and Lindsey!

Wedding Weekend! Part II - The Whole Family!

Well they are a little dark but if you double click on the image it will make it larger and then it don't look quite so dark - I will try and lighten them up a little in the next few days so stay tune!

This was awesome - for the first time in over 2 years the entire Elmer & Ruby Kaczor family was together!!! It was alot of fun hope to see you all again soon!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

More of the track!!!

These look a little dark on the blog but if you click on them and make them larger you can see them alot better - with no grass planted it is hard to tell which direction the track goes so I also posted the general layout of the track!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Paige in the paper!

If you click on the image it should open it up full screen so you can see it better!

A "Wii" bit funny!!!!

Paige was really excited last weekend to go to Russ and Karla's and play the Wii - she boxed several of us and had a blast (several of the games she won by KNOCK OUT)...............well last night we were eating supper and Paige informed me that she wanted to go back to Russ and Karla's to play that game, I said what game? she said that boxing game I want to "KNOCK YOU UP" !!! That girl says the darndest things!!!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

A lot of everything!!!

These pictures are in no order so bear with me as we go throught them - this was an awesome and crazy windy weekend. My parents came down from Spencer NE with their truck and tractor and dirt scrape to help us build a motorcycle track!!!!! It is Awesome - I don't have alot of pictures of the finished track for the simple fact that it was soooo windy and I couldn't get a good picture but stay tune and I will post some whenever the wind decides to go down!!! It was also my mom's 60th Birthday this weekend, we put her to work on her Birthday but managed to find time to bake her a cake! The first picture is Grandma and the 2 silliest kids this was the first time they got to ride in Grandpa's Semi!!!
Here are the guys getting pulled in and getting ready to unload!!!
Here is a picture of Aunt Val who turned 26 on Sunday we got to go eat supper with her and Dustin when we returned the skid steer! We hope she had a great day!!!
Here are they guys getting started on Friday they started with the 2 biggest jumps first!
Here is Karson riding with Grandpa - he was soo excited and went back for more on saturday!!!!
Here is Paige and Daddy up on the "BIG JUMP" as Paige called it. Saturday when the guys went out someone had already drove on it!
Mom and I painted a sign for the track and the kids wanted to help, so I found some boards that they could paint on their own.
Here I am tracing the outlines for the sign!
Here is Gary running the skid steer - it was so windy and dirty that he was wearing his goggles and a dust mask!

Here is a picture of the track getting closer to completion!!!
Here is Grandpa and Karson smoothing things up!!
If you look you can see Gary in the skid steer and lots of blowing dirt!
Here are kids's finished signs!!! Very nice!!!

Here is Grandpa pulling out on Sunday!!! We love You and THANKS FOR ALL YOUR HELP THIS WEEKEND!!!

Here is a picture of my momma! Hope you had a fun 60th Birthday!!! We love you and THANKS SOOO MUCH FOR YOUR HELP THIS WEEKEND!!!
Here is Grandpa tickeling Karson!
Here is Grandma and Karson!
Here is Grandma and I's painted sign - I think it turned out awesome!!!
It was a Great Weekend! We Love you Grandpa and Grandma! THANKS AGAIN!