Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sept - Oct

BUSY has been the theme of this Fall... Paige finished up her MotoX for the season she ended up 3rd of 6 in her age group and 3rd out of 7 in the Open Class... She was the only girl on our circut for those classes so we are super proud of her for doing so well
Paige learning to Jump!!
 Paige and Chance with their trophies at Alma
 Paige Jumping the finish at Alma
 Paige and her BFF Peytie
 Paige and Sawyer Holding Down their Punkins!
 Karson and Kaden were hauling pumpkins to the car from the Wrights Pumpkin Patch
 Kaden picking pokies out of his hand
 Kaden at Sawyers 4th Birthday party.. cleaning up the cake! (and having coffee with Joe!)
 Karson sporting his new glasses for school!
 Our "princess" Karson... no its not lipstick its Kool-Aid!
 Nice Pumpkin
 Couldnt remember if I posted a picture of Kado's new bed!

Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Well its back to school for the Klumpes... Paige and Karson on the first day
 Peyton and Karson at the fair!
 Kado and Dad!
 Pretty Paige
 The whole family on bikes!!!
 Karson acting tough!

Monday, July 30, 2012


July has been a busy one, Races, Races, Races, oh and Birthdays Grandpa Boettcher turned 63, Kari turned 32 and Kaden is officially 3!

Paige and Mom headed to the Benkleman Race

Chillaxin before the Races Start

The kiddos at Norton Lake eating Smores

Kadens Birthday Brownies!

I think this one is back in Arapahoe but loved it!

Kaden showing us he is 3 although he says he is 7!

Kyle helping us out at Benkleman!  (Sorry the picture wont rotate!)

Paige at the line!

Cheesen it up

Thursday, June 28, 2012


Just looked at the blog and realized that I haven't had a post since MAY!  WOW I guess we have been busy since then... been at the lake, racing motocross and of course still working to pay the bills. 

Kado at Cambridge Lake!

Joe and all the kiddos before  the tube sunk and dumped them all!

 Kaczor Camp!

 The Girls!

 Kado and Tate

 Peytie, Allie, Paige and Karson Cheesen it up

Allie and Paige

Kado cooken a dog

Karson sporten his mohawk

Paige after Day 1 at Lexington

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Spring Program!

Not sure why blogger wont rotate some of the pics and posted the video in the middle of the pictures... but here they are The kids Spring Program!

Monday, April 23, 2012

This and That!

We have been busy with this and that getting ready for summer!  Paiges MotoX series started in April and she is already going to need a room for her trophies... Kaden has been spending MotoX days with Grandma and Grandpa Klumpe (and Chance)  he has fun gather eggs and feeding calves!  The kids have been enjoying their BB Hoop and just plain being outside!