Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Happy B-Day Justin & Short update

The Klumpe Klan would like to wish our nephew Justin a Very Happy Birthday (7/1/09)!!!!

As far as the Klumpe Klan we have been busy with a little bit of everything. We have had some storms blow through that caused some line damage so Gary has been putting in some overtime as well as keeping up with all the work at home! The lawnmower is broke though, so at least he is getting a break at that. I am doing weel - getting fat and hot but other than that doing well - I had a Dr's appt last thursday and I am starting to dialiate so the Dr is thinking that I will go a little early.......but he predicted that with Paige too and it didn't happen so I am trying not to get my hopes up. The kids are doing good - we went camping last weekend so they got to go swimming in the lake - they are also gearing up for swimming lessons in Mid July - I think that is about all for now!

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy B-Day and Update!

First off the Klumpe Klan would like to say a very Happy Birthday to our Brother-In-Law Jason - not sure on the age...........
This is a picture from the last time we went camping - Karson was being a "big help"!
Paige hammen' it up at the pool!
The Klumpe Klan - Paige headed to Spencer this weekend to Celebrate my dad's 60th Birthday early (7/27/09) and to go to my cousin Josh's wedding - all went well - the food was all awesome and on the way home on Sunday we met Gary's Aunt Carol who has had Paige for the last almost a week in Council Bluffs and all did a little shopping in GI. It was a good weekend but we are all glad to be back home!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009


It has been brought to my attention that I have not updated in a while.....so I don't have any pictures, but here is what has been going on.

The baby: I am on week 33 of the pregancy, I have gained @25 lbs and everything is going along fine - The baby should be @ 4 lbs at this point and is kicking harder and harder every day.

Karson: Is growing every day! He can ride his motorcycle without us riding with now - he is still on training wheels but doing very well.

Paige: Had a Dr's appt with her EN&T Dr and one of her tubes is already out of her ear (after only 6 months) but both of her ears tested fine so that is a plus - we go back in 3 months to make sure they are still testing good or if we need to put the tube back in.

Both kids got to spend a week at Auntie Vals house, they went fishing and made new friends and even went to the circus - it was quite the fun time!

Gary has been busy building fence on our ground south of town and now is ready to spend more time working the track and riding dirtbikes with the kids!

and me......I have been buy with the town pool fundraiser and with Pioneer Days that is this weekend.

Not much else new - hope to have some pictures after this weekend!