Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Busy is pretty much the norm anymore for the Klumpe Klan
Kado and Sawyer hangin out at the track!
 The kiddos playing in the snow
 Karson and Kado on their showing off their new headboards/bed frames and Kados new bed spread from Gr & Gr Boettcher (LOVES)
 Kado got to spend the weekend with Court and Kendall.. he was super excited he has been missen Court!
 The kids acting all gangsta!
 Great Grandma Kaczor gave the kids snowman kits for Christmas and the snow was too tempting!
 Karson turned 8 on March 20th!
 Karson and Kado cheesen it up at Menards!
 Karson started soccer this year through the YMCA... this was at their first game he got to start as goalie!!  They lost 2-1 but played pretty good for their first game!