Thursday, December 17, 2009

Kids Christmas!

On Monday night Karson had his preschool family fun night, we got to watch a class video and then make family christmas crafts! Grandma and Grandpa Klumpe along with Chance came to join us for the fun - the kids were very proud of the ornaments they made and they are home hanging on the tree!

On Tuesday was the school Christmas Program and the elementry kids put on a skit - Paiges class were elves and here is a picture of her!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

I shot this video the other night and just the lamp was on so it is very very dark but turn your sound up cause it is cute! Gary was holding Kaden up to his face and making sounds and blowing on his cheeks - Kaden was eating it up he was laughing and laughing - by the time I got my camera he was about tired of it but I did manage to catch a little of it! Enjoy!

Late Post

I have been kinda behind on posting but Gary and I are both trying to finish up our classes for the semester (well me for the semester, but Gary will be done) so I have been behind on getting alot of things done. Anyways here are a few pictures from Spencer over Thanksgiving I think this top one is my favorite - Great Grandma Kaczor hoding Kaden and Peggy was getting some pretty big smiles!
Paige and her LEGO creation
Grandma and sleepy boy - too much turkey!

Kids playing legos

Gary and missy CJ - what a cutie!
Grandpa Kaczor and the Brandts