Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Paige & the Dr.

To bring everyone up to date, Gary took Paige and Karson down to Cambridge to see Dr Deaver last Thursday to get some medicine for their runny noses. In the process Dr Deaver found a bead in Paige's ear. They tried to get the bead out but could not get it so they scheduled an appointment with her ENT Dr. We went and seen him yesterday in Holdredge and yes the bead was still in there but............he did a pressure test and a hearing check (which she failed) and she needs to have the tubes put back in her ears soooo............on Wednesday the 12th we are headed to Kearney to have tubes put back in her ears and the bead taken out of her ear! So Please keep Paige in your thought and Prayers over the next week!


Jason and Jaime Weiss said...

Oh my goodness! First of all, how did she get a bead in her ear? And second, hopefully everything will go good on Wednesday. We will be keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers.

Klumpe Klan: said...

We do not know how or when it got in her ear. They were at the Dr last on Sept. 26 and it was not in there then so sometime between the end of September and now! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!