Monday, January 12, 2009


OK these pictures are posted backwards! This weekend Gary and I decided to put on our construction hats or should I say deconstruction hats and start a project we ahve had in our heads for a long time. We have a huge attic and would like to finish it into an upstairs we have plans drawn out for 2 bedrooms a small bathroom and a small TV room for Paige and Karson our only obstical is there is no stairs up there, the only access is a crawl space above our basement stairs. So in order to be able to start some of the work that we can do ourselves we first need to put in a set of stairs so the Klumpe Klan started rippen out the hallway! If you look at the bottom picture you can get a feel for what the hallway looked like. The hallway had closets all along the east side which Gary ripped out then the kids went to town on the wall then we realized there is a wall behind the wall so we get to rip out yet another wall!!!
Here is a picture taken from Paiges room at the end of the hallway the doorway going to the dining room still needs to come out.
Here is a picture of where the closets used to be and if you look close at the end of the lath you can see that the wall goes back another 6 inches before it hits the wall that would be the living room wall so the wall where you see the studs and the back of the plaster and lath still needs to come out so our stairs can be up against the living room wall (don't you love surprises!)
Here are the kids pounding away! This is the only wall that they were really able to help with the rest of the walls had sheetrock covered with plaster so they had to be pryed off - in some places it was over an inch thick! YUCK!

Here is a picture of the kids taken from the dining room - this doorway will be taken out and the stairs will end op right where that curio cabinet is.

Here is another picture of the kids. They were sure having fun - after the picture we put them in dust masks they really hated them but they were pretty cute.

Here is Gary ripping out the closets that were in the hallway!

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